Main Activities

Since 2001, Skala Soft has specialized in development of various mobile services for some of the leading world companies, using Web, WAP, SMS, MMS, Interactive Voice and other channels. They have been implemented using the leading edge Java server-side and client-side technologies – Java Enterprise, Standard and Micro Editions, Java Data Objects and others. Featured projects include Content Repository Management System, MMS Composer, IVR, Hutchison H3G, m-Fun, Download Fun and many others.

In 2004-2005, Skala Soft expanded its activities as an independent ASP company for some of the local markets. The complex mobile media management and delivery server-side platform, developed by Skala Soft,  has been used for a couple of Internet sites based on it. Having passed through all the stages of development and started many Internet/wireless services, we have contracts with the local mobile operators, some media content production companies, and some advertising media, such as TV, magazines and Internet portal sites.

Skala Soft has continued to expand by developing business services based on the platform's functionality for some business clients for foreign and local mobile markets.