Skala Soft ltd. is a project-oriented software development company, specializing in the development of commercial and custom software applications for Internet and mobile services across multiple platforms and programming languages. 

Our mission is to connect the telecommunication world with the most innovative software technologies, for modern, effective and attractive services satisfying the large and rapidly expanding communities of mobile device users all around the world. Having a strong, united and well-experienced team of software professionals, we are always flexible and efficient in reaching our clients’ requirements. Our know-how covers all aspects of the software development process, from analysis and design to the implementation and service delivery. Our software experts also provide qualified system support, project management and system integration of large projects. 

With the wide adoption of Internet and web technologies, and the growth of mobile devices customer base, we believe mobile integrated solutions will only continue to expand, and to create a variety of business opportunities. We are eager to accept the challenge to bring the Internet and mobile worlds together.

Since beginning of year 2001, the company specializes in supporting mobile communications companies in application development and system integration in the area of wireless services.