The personnel numbers more than 10 young information technology experts with recognized experience and know-how, who have participated in the development of software products for many outstanding world-known companies from Bulgaria and West Europe. IT staff numbers 9 qualified Engineers and Masters in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Mathematics. There are also specialists in the areas of Management and Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, several of them with foreign diplomas. 

The software developers of Skala Soft are also very good consultants of the customers on a variety of problems related to their computer systems and products. Moreover, Skala Soft disposes of system administrators with expert knowledge and experience in Java server and client side technologies, databases, TCP/IP networking, UML, XML, Symbian OS, Oracle, Lotus Notes, Windows NT, LINUX, UNIX – AIX, etc. 

Our team of professionals has participated in the development of a number of projects for Web, MMS, WAP and SMS applications – games, B2B and B2C applications, Symbian multimedia and networking applications, workflow management systems, bank systems, healthcare information systems, ERP systems – BAAN, SAP, and others. 

In order to maintain the programmers’ knowledge at high level the company offers them relevant courses. In-company seminars are regularly organized, in order to exchange experience and know-how among the developers.

Management and Administration Department
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Software Development Departments
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